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Best periods to visit

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Reasons to visit

Gateway to the site of Angkor, symbol of the nation, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and often described as the 8th wonder of the world, Siem Reap has always been dedicated to prestigious functions. After the dramatic episode of Khmer Rouge, the city has become the epicenter of a touristic Cambodia, with both festive “backpacker” haunts, world-class hotels and restaurants or sumptuous spas. Nevertheless, at a short distance, the province of Siem Reap preserves the rural beauty of authentic Cambodia. The city remains a haven of peace compared to Phnom Penh, without being a sleeping city.


Today Cambodia’s tourist capital, the city has not always known this craze. When French explorers rediscover Angkor in the 19th century, Siem Reap is no bigger than a village and is under Siamese rule. In 1907, the region returned to the Cambodians and the city began to expand and welcome its first tourists. But the arrival of the Khmer Rouge in 1975 plunges the province into a long sleep, from which it will emerge in the mid-1990s.

Best periods to visit

The high season, from November to March, is ideal to enjoy the pleasant temperatures of Cambodia and low rainfall. Nevertheless, it is to be avoided if you dread the crowds.

From June to October, the wet season makes visits more authentic. There are fewer tourists than during the dry season, but there is also more rainfall.

In November, it’s the “Green” season, the countryside and rice paddies are resplendent and temperatures quite suitable.

In April and May, the overwhelming heat dries up the countryside and can make trips and visits more difficult.

Que faire à Siem Reap

The City of Angkor

The temples of Angkor are the main attraction of the region. Doing the full tour of it could take you weeks to complete. We offer personalized tours that avoid, as much as possible, the herds of tourists.

The countryside

Despite the large influx of tourists in the city, the countryside and its treasures remain very authentic. A bike ride (or tuk tuk for the less athletic) is ideal to leave the bustle of the crowd, to discover the fauna, flora and the way of life of its inhabitants.

Remote temples

Outside the archaeological park itself are many more unknown temples. Often less frequented, these jewels of the Angkorian period are worth the detour.

The craftsmen

Very numerous in the provinces of Siem Reap and Battambang, but also in the rest of the country, the traditional craftsmen and the sharing of their know-how are very appreciated by the travelers. We are committed to making you discover the most authentic and least crowded workshops in Cambodia.

Travel with children

Siem Reap does not lack attractions and is full of activities for children. The temples will of course please the older ones, the different moods reminding them of the adventures of Indiana Jones or Lara Croft in Tomb Raider. We work with local guides who will be able to adapt their visits as well as their speeches to your little adventurers.

Among the activities, the strolls on the Tonle Sap to discover the floating villages or the flooded forests, the ziplines in the jungle, the rides on bicycle or on horseback, the mini-golf in a miniature version of Angkor, the artisanal workshops or archery training are part of the activities that will appeal to young and old alike.