Reasons to visit

You will find in West Cambodia all the peace and serenity that this country has to offer. From Banteay Chhmar to the Cardamom mountain chain, while making a stop in Battambang, visiting this region will make you discover another face of Cambodia, rich in abundant fauna and flora. If you like adventure, nature, and want to explore the country differently, we advise you to take a leap. Just a few hours from Siem Reap, secondary cities in the province are now easily accessible by land. Nevertheless, tourism is still in its infancy, so we promise you an authentic trip and close to the original Cambodia.

Focus on Battambang

Second city of Cambodia, Battambang was built in the eleventh century on the banks of the Sangker River. Life is milder than in other big Cambodian cities and you can take your time there. Considered as the country’s rice granary, it occupies an important place in Cambodia’s economy. Around the city are large plains, many local artisans and caves that you can admire aboard a tuk tuk or on a bike ride. The city is also punctuated by many colonial buildings very well preserved, which accentuates a little more its charm. A break in Battambang, even stealthy, will allow you to discover the bamboo train, the mysterious cave with thousands of bats, the Phnom Sampov, and its surroundings. Stay longer and you can soak up the fullness of this place.

Best periods to visit

If you want to discover Battambang or Banteay Chhmar, it is possible to do so all year round, rain or shine. But, on the other hand, if you wish to get closer to Koh Kong in the Cardamom mountains, we advise you to prefer the dry season. The treks in the tropical jungle would be less pleasant under a monsoon rain.


What to do in this area

Koh Kong and the Cardamoms

More than 4 million hectares of tropical forest covering the largest mountain range in Cambodia. It is so much space to discover during trekking in full nature.

Banteay Chhmar

A 3-hour drive from busy Siem Reap, this homestay village is home to a magnificent Angkorian temple dating back to the 12th century. Take this chance to spend a moment out of time, being alone in a remote temple…

Battambang and its surroundings

Second largest city in Cambodia, Battambang nevertheless knew how to preserve itself from the development that one meets with Siem Reap or Phnom Penh.

Travel with children

Natural reserves populated by wild animals, remote temples and hidden in the jungle, acres of tropical jungles, a rich historical heritage, surprising lifestyles, a flight of bats at sunset, the many local handicrafts  as well as bamboo train rides, all these are good reasons to introduce this region to your children, just a few hours away from Siem Reap.