Reasons to visit

After several days of wandering in Cambodia, it is nice to enjoy the air and calm of the sea, surrounded by pines and coconut trees. The cities of Kep and Kampot offer a different face to the Khmer country, including the crab market, Bokor National Park, pepper plantations and salt marshes. This region is renowned for its sweetness of life, the smiling welcome of its inhabitants and the beauty of its landscapes. For a more “relaxing” end of trip, head to the pretty white sand beaches in the Gulf of Thailand islands off the coast of Cambodia, where you can relax and sip your cocktail by the sea.

The World renowned Kampot pepper

Kampot pepper originally comes from the province of the same name. The climate, sunshine, sea air, the quality of the land and the many rainfall during rainy season are all elements that make these lands a unique terroir for pepper. The pepper appears in the thirteenth century at the arrival of Chinese pepper planters. In the late nineteenth century, early twentieth, the French retained the know-how passed down from generation to generation. Today, this pepper is on the list of the best in the world. Its exceptional flavor and aroma make it an essential ingredient of the finest cuisines.

Best periods to visit

To discover south Cambodia, it is better to wait for the dry season. Rainfall is abundant during the rainy season, and is even more so in the south, usually causing flooding and very long days on the beach…

What to do in this area

Kep and Kampot

These small towns with old-fashioned charm and their spicy scents hinterland make travelers happy. Seaside for Kep, riverside for Kampot, these 2 quiet cities will delight lovers of nature, water activities and sumptuous sunsets ...

Farniente on an island

Only real beach destination in Cambodia, the islands are an ideal place to rest after a long journey. From islands dotted with cheap guesthouses and bungalows, to private islands with luxury resorts and hotels, there is something for every taste and every budget.

Travel with children

Kayaking on the sea or on the rivers, scuba diving and snorkeling, paddle boarding, horseback riding, oxcarts riding, waterfalls and other coastal excursions will delight your children and leave them with endless memories.